Congratulations to our Top 50!

The Interface Health Community has reviewed the entries and voted to choose the top 50 challengers for our INTERFACE HEALTH CHALLENGE X.

Thank you to our sponsors and strategic, community and media partners for making this happen.

Update:The TOP 25 competitors have been chosen and the next step is now to pick the TOP 10 by August 15th. The final 10 will go head to head at the 5th Annual INTERACE HEALTH SUMMIT in Vancouver, September 28 & 29th. You can review all the dates here.

Top 50 Challengers

Aging, longevity

Acorn Cryotech Waterloo, Canada

Big data, visual analytics

BioMark Health San Francisco , United States
Clinerion Basel, Switzerland
T4H Waterloo , Canada

Biopharma, beyond the pill

Medisafe Boston , United States

Biotech, 3D Bioprinting

Brain development, mental health, addictions

Brain Power Boston , United States
HealthTech Connex, Inc. Surrey , Canada
LiquidWeb s.r.l. Siena, Italy
Qidza San Francisco , United States

Consumer engagement

Dash MD Toronto , Canada

Digital media meets digital health

4H Technology for Health Rio de Janeiro , Brazil
Clearwater Clinical Ottawa, Canada
HealthChoicesFirst Vancouver , Canada
Medicea Technology Solutions Delhi , India Bengaluru , India

Digital therapies, medical devices

Admetsys Boston, United States
Claris Healthcare Inc. Vancouver , Canada
Eco Fusion Ramat Hasharon , Israel
Gluk Rio de Janeiro , Brazil
Komodo OpenLab Toronto , Canada
Moving Analytics Marina Del Rey , United States
NERv Technology Inc. Waterloo , Canada
Noninvasix Houston, United States

Food and nutrition

Suggestic Allentown , United States

Genomics, personalized medicine

Internet of Things

InstaMD Valencia , United States
Xetal Bonheiden , Belgium

Population health management

KidNurture Pune , India
PHR Plus Phoenix , United States
SwiftPad Toronto , Canada
Wellth New York , United States

Sports, health and wellness

BRACEUNDER Libertyville , United States
Fysio24 Oosterbeek , Netherlands
HeadCheck Health Vancouver, Canada
XCo Tech Penticton, Canada

Virtual reality, augmented reality

Wearables, biosensors, fashion

Awake Labs Inc. Vancouver, Canada
Bainisha Lokeren, Belgium
LivSpek Medical Technologies West vancouver, Canada
Medella Health Inc. Kitchener, Canada
Ohm GearLab Vancouver , Canada

Surprise us (wild card)

Bio Conscious Technologies Vancouver , Canada
Cloud Diagnostics Canada Kitchener , Canada
Conquer Mobile (PeriopSim) Surrey, Canada
LigandCorp Toronto , Canada
MedStack Toronto, Canada
NZ Technologies Inc. Vancouver , Canada New York , United States
SaferMom Lagos, Nigeria
Shift Health Vancouver , Canada
T.A.K.E. Odense, Denmark
Team8 Singapore , Singapore