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Health Challenge X

$100,000 in prizes



INTERFACE Health Challenge X* is the world’s only annual competition to discover the world’s best real health problem-solving innovators.

Think of our global challenge as the “Digital Health Olympic Games.”

It is a fun, intense and rewarding experience. Last year, 150 startups from 16 countries and 53 cities on all five continents participated in our first global challenge.

When you compete against some of the best companies in the world, it makes you stronger. It makes your company more valuable. As a challenger you get priceless exposure, support and recognition from the world’s community of digital health innovators.

X stands for EXCELLENCE, which means we’re seeking big ideas and breakthrough innovations that can scale globally and change the future of health.

To compete, you’ll need to show that your solution can reduce healthcare costs, improve customer experiences, and generate better outcomes locally, regionally and globally.

From the opening of the games on March 1st. You have 90 days – until midnight PST, June 5th – to enter your application.

Make sure you read our FIT rules to see if they apply to you.

Get ready for the 2016 INTERFACE Health Challenge X.



You need to show these three things:

  • You have a
    kick ass team
  • Your product is a potential
    money maker
  • Your innovation can have a
    global impact


Are you one of the world’s best in:

  1. Aging, longevity
  2. Big data, visual analytics
  3. Biopharma, beyond the pill
  4. Biotech, 3D Bioprinting
  5. Brain development, mental health, addictions
  6. Consumer engagement
  7. Digital media meets digital health
  8. Digital therapies, medical devices
  1. Food and nutrition
  2. Genomics, personalized medicine
  3. Internet of Things
  4. Population health management
  5. Sports, health and wellness
  6. Virtual reality, augmented reality
  7. Wearables, biosensors, fashion
  8. Surprise us (wild card)

2016 Interface Health Challenge X Prizes + Awards

More than $100,000 up for grabs!

  • 1st PRIZE $40,000

    ($15,000 cash + services + media)
  • 2nd PRIZE $20,000

    ($10,000 cash + services + media)
  • 3rd PRIZE $10,000

    ($5,000 cash + services + media)
  • SEVEN PRIZES of $5,000 each

    ($2,500 cash + services + media)

Everybody WINS! All Top 10 Finalists are guaranteed a prize each. The Top 3 are also awarded a unique, gold-like 3D printed award representing a digital human skull.

Professional services include access to advice from top entrepreneurs, world class mentors and advisors, plus accounting, legal and marketing services. They also include access to the sponsors of the challenge, top VCs and Corporate Investors in digital health.

Jun 5

Submission Deadline: June 5th, 2016

Submission Process

  1. Join
  2. Create submission video and pitch
  3. Submit entry by June 5th, 2016 Rules & Criteria

View process and key dates

Hundreds of startups from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia will submit their application.

Only the Top 10 finalists - chosen in four stages by accelerators from around the world, a panel of international industry experts, member voting, and select sponsors - will be invited to our 5th annual summit in Vancouver, Canada on Sep. 28-29.

They will compete for a share of over $100,000 in cash and services prizes, a unique opportunity to partner with global brands and access to millions in potential investments. Read the rules and eligibility criteria before you enter the challenge.

Key Dates

Challenge Applications are now closed

Stay tuned on the progress of this year's Challenge by following us on twitter @interfacehealth


  • Michael  Bidu
    Michael Bidu

    Mr. Interface Health, serial entrepreneur, innovator

  • Bart Collet
    Bart Collet

    Improving healthcare delivery, one pragmatic step a time

  • Pradeep k  Jaisingh
    Pradeep k Jaisingh

    Global digital health business leader / entrepreneur and investor.

  • Rizwan Kheraj
    Rizwan Kheraj

    Looking for good Digital Health technology companies - Govt Funding

  • Peter Payne
    Peter Payne

    Apply business methods to science, and also apply science methods to business.

  • Ying Tam
    Ying Tam

    Entrepreneur and Business Executive

  • Julien De salaberry
    Julien De salaberry

    Venture platform for healthtech in Asia

  • Michael  Bidu
    Michael Bidu

    Mr. Interface Health, serial entrepreneur, innovator

  • Dennis Giokas
    Dennis Giokas

    Enable health system transformation with IT

  • Alexandra  Greenhill
    Alexandra Greenhill

    Physician leader tech entrepreneur and focused on creating our desired futures

  • Donald Jones
    Donald Jones

    4th time start-up, this time as Executive Chair

  • Nadeem Kassam
    Nadeem Kassam

    Still working on the master plan.

  • Kevin Little
    Kevin Little

    Consultant, advisor, executive

  • Sylvain Moreno
    Sylvain Moreno

    Brain training will become part of our daily life

  • Scott Phillips
    Scott Phillips

    My passions are being a Dad, discovery, solving problems, outdoors adventures, and helping people be successful.

  • Michael  Bidu
    Michael Bidu

    Mr. Interface Health, serial entrepreneur, innovator

  • Gabe Kalmar
    Gabe Kalmar

    Genome BC is a catalyst in the life sciences

  • Rizwan Kheraj
    Rizwan Kheraj

    Looking for good Digital Health technology companies - Govt Funding

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